In the city, in the middle of nature, next to the sea, mountain or in any place with an environment according to your ideas and with our creativity and photographic technique, we will make a session of outdoor photography and events that you can immortalize and remember with pleasure. Photographing on a sunny day or with the sky in twilight, and equipped with the right tools and the latest technologies to capture the digital image, you will have at your fingertips an outdoor photo shoot of unrepeatable quality.

When photographs are taken outdoors, we will pay attention to the important points and depending on the weather conditions and the area in which it is photographed, we will obtain different results with guarantee of satisfaction since I am passionate about outdoor photography, a modality where the landscape and people transmit emotions to the maximum.

We will arrive at beautiful locations that can be found in Montilla, Córdoba, Málaga and all of Andalusia that will help us to obtain very original and creative photos, which you can see in our gallery in this website.

Our photography of exteriors and events can be done at any time of the year and, weather permitting, we can turn any environment into a fantastic place to hold photo shoots outdoors. You can choose a symbolic place, a place that is part of the memory and that will be reflected in an outdoor photograph full of sensations. In Montilla, Córdoba, Málaga and all of Andalusia there are magical corners to achieve spectacular results thanks to creativity and photographic technique.

Outdoor Photography and Events

Combining outdoor photography and studio photography, will also allow a very complete and controlled session, where no detail escapes and a perfect reportage remains.

Interesting prices in Outdoor Photography and Events:

And as always we seek the best value for money, adapting our professional photography to your budget and make it a success, we dedicate all our passion and the right combination of experience, creativity, technology, composition, staging, lighting and postproduction, for a satisfactory and high quality result.