Immersed in the Graphic and Photography sector since 1993, I have been enriching myself creatively and technically as I go through the companies and projects that I have worked on over the years. Values and knowledge that allow me an original and coherent graphic interpretation of my environment, to translate it into my visual creations.

Multidisciplinary, self-taught and responsible with my work to facilitate the communication of emotions, I try to offer creative manifestations within the world of photography and communication. Offering personal and specialized attention, as well as comprehensive advice in all phases of each project.

In all my works I intend to give each project an intrinsic value, so that the inverted illusions are never in vain. Doing a job based on professionalism, responsibility and experience and not from a subjective perspective. Each project is developed as its own from the perspective of the client, using divergent points of view, optimizing the resources used and achieving a result of the most satisfactory for the client. You will have a good “taste in your mouth”.

In terms of advertising photography, product photography, food photography and architectural and interior photography, I seek to capture the attention of consumers to achieve the objectives for the benefit of my clients … this investment in image will be amortized in all types of companies: designers , restaurants, brands, hotels, architects, agencies, publishers, specialized magazines, buildings, unique houses etc …

And as a professional and entrepreneur, my offer is within the reach of any person or company. The cost of creating quality has ceased to be an obstacle. This is the concept of success of Jose Clavero, where the quality / price ratio is excellent.

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